What is the Harrison Festival Society?

The Harrison Festival Society is a strange but wondrous collection of music and art lovers, volunteers and just plain artists! I mean, you won’t find people more dedicated to the Arts than all of these folks. Not only do they produce The Annual Harrison Festival of the Arts, they also bring you their Season of Performing Arts, among other arts & culture events.

There’s more information on those events below.
But first, we’d like to introduce ourselves…

Our Staff

Andy Hillhouse | Harrison Festival Society

Executive & Artistic Director

Andy Hillhouse
E andy@harrisonfestival.com

Bryan Cutler | Harrison Festival Society

Marketing & Admin Manager

Bryan Cutler
E bryan@harrisonfestival.com

Liz Webber | Harrison Festival Society


Liz Webber
(P/T Winter, F/T Summer)
E info@harrisonfestival.com

Seasonal Staff:

Art Market Coordinator, Alyx Roche
Children’s Day Coordinator, Janet Hutchinson
Volunteer Coordinator (Pre Festival), Ashley Sutton
Volunteer Coordinator (Festival), Marion Termeer
Box Office Manager, Callie Wilson
Production Coordinator, Ashley Sutton
Hall Manager, Jamea Lister
Head Sound Technician, Peter Lepine
Sound Technician, Rob Kornelsen
Sound Technician, Brad Zacharias
Sound Technician, Mike Evans
Merchandise Sales, Vicki Bolan
Button Sales, Bren Simmers
Site Coordinator, TBA
Assistant Administrator/Hospitality, TBA

Board of Directors:

Adam Balfour
Heather Robertson (President)
Jennifer Todd (Vice President)
Len Davidiuk (Sec/Treas)
Mike Evans
Chris Wilson
Kristen Patrice
Rosemary Godden

Harrison Festival of the Arts
is an internationally acclaimed event
entering its 40th year!

Season of Performing Arts

Comprised of eight to ten professional performing arts events, it’s scheduled between September and May each year. The Society has also developed many community partners and works year-round with other organizations, businesses and institutions to bring you the finest the Arts have to offer.

The Harrison Festival Society believes:

Our Mission:

We believe that good quality live performing arts are an extremely important part of a healthy community. We also believe that within their local area, people should be able to explore the human community through the presentation of a full spectrum of artistic expression.

We recognise the importance of celebrating the cultural diversity in Canada and around the world. Part of our mission is to help others appreciate the contributions of different cultures, how they enrich all our lives, and are a great addition to our common Canadian culture. We do this by presenting audiences with the artistic expression of diverse peoples, whether it comes in the form of song, dance, art or local artisans.

The Society is thoroughly committed to its audience and we strive to bring the best that Canada, and the world has to offer, while remaining accessible and inclusive for all.

The Harrison Festival Society is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1988 under the BC Society Act. The Society is governed by a board of directors, employs a staff of three and has an office open twelve months a year in Harrison Hot Springs.

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Culturally Diverse Arts Programs: A Guide to Planning & Presentation

The Harrison Festival Society has developed a Best Practices Guide for arts organizations working with diverse communities. The Guide is available for download.

Members: Get Your Guide!

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